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 ScenTree is a collaborative platform, created in 2017 and published in 2019, devoted to the classification of raw materials used in perfumery. Each time an ingredient is added to the database, a group of experts meets to classify it based on a predefined list of olfactory families and descriptors. The resulting classification is presented as a tree that you can zoom in on at multiple levels, where each node represents a family or descriptor.

 Today, this classification contains 754 raw materials, divided into 16 main families and 92 descriptors. The descriptors listed for each raw material are ranked in order of olfactory dominance. The deeper you delve into the classification, the more precise the descriptors become for a given raw material. ScenTree identifies the distinguishing characteristics of each ingredient and reveals similarities in their scent profiles.

 We’d like to invite you to join us on an expedition. By following the path from one descriptor to the next, you’ll find the ingredient that matches the notes you’re looking for. You can click on each raw material and on each descriptor to see more detailed information. Technical characteristics are provided for each ingredient, as well as definitions of the descriptors and families.

 As with any classification, there is an element of subjectivity. Each descriptor is an impression. With the help of our contributors, we aim to use descriptors that align with the prevailing opinions in the fragrance industry. Teamwork will always be what guides this classification.

 ScenTree’s visual layout is inspired by the LifeMap, created by Mr. De Vienne for the University of Lyon I. The concept resembles cartography, such as that used by Open Street Maps, which can be explored through zooming in and out and interacting with images.

Climb the ScenTree and join us on an adventure as we discover the stories of fragrance raw materials.

For more information, or to become a member of our ingredient evaluation panel, please contact Maxime BAUD

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